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Photo credit: Sara Hudston


Message from the Whitchurch Parochial Church Council: “It has reluctantly been  decided to cancel all Sunday services until after the lockdown. We have made serious efforts to make our church building safe for services but the risk of meeting for Sunday worship is too great considering the virulence of the new strain of the virus and the vulnerability of many of our helpers and congregation. However, funerals will continue to be held and the church will continue to remain open on Sunday afternoons 12.30-4.00p.m. for private prayer. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last few months; we are very grateful. Please keep safe during this difficult time for us all.”

The church continues to be open for private prayer every Sunday from 12:30-4:00pm.

Please use the NHS app to register your visit to the church if you are able to do so. We would be very grateful if you could continue to use the red disc system (place a red disc found at the entrance where you have sat in the church so others may use a different location for their prayer), wear a mask, sanitise and please, please do not visit if you are suffering from symptoms of Covid-19.

Here are a few of the recent services prepared for the Golden Cap Team of Churches, our local Benefice. Please visit the Golden Cap Team of Churches YouTube Channel (link here) for all previously recorded services created during the COVID19 lockdown.

Please consider making a donation to support St Candida and Holy Cross.

Remembrance Sunday service for the Golden Cap Team led by Jim Pettifer.
Rev Chris Martin gives a midweek message for the Golden Cap Team